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    While all the volunteers who run the club deserve recognition, we did want to specifically recognise those who have fulfilled the role of club chairperson. These volunteers have given a lot of personal time & have collectively guided and governed the club successfully over an extended period

    Year Chairperson
    2016 Dan Harty
    2015 Dan Harty
    2014 Matt Smith
    2013 Matt Smith
    2012 Matt Smith
    2011 Robert Lewis
    2010 Robert Lewis
    2009 Robert Lewis
    2008 Nick Unwin
    2007 Nick Unwin
    2006 Halford Hewitt
    2005 Halford Hewitt
    2004 Halford Hewitt
    2003 Hilary Cairns
    2002 Hilary Cairns
    2001 Hilary Cairns
    2000 Simon Barrot
    1999 Simon Barrot
    1998 Simon Barrot
    1997 Roger Freeman
    1996 Roger Freeman
    1995 Roger Freeman
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